Stuart Barker (Husband)

Principal Of Stuart Barker & Associates

stuartBarkerA comment on finance

Stuart Barker is a firm believer that the two most important things to the successful ongoing ownership of an investment property are finding a correct property manager and secondly the correct financial structure. After reading the following submission he is confident that you will agree that Exclusive Property Management Services can handle the successful management of your property, but wonders if you have considered the importance of your financial structure.

When involved in investment property you are effectively involved in a business and for a business to be successful it is very important that your structure is right for you. Stuart Barker & Associates specialises in ensuring that your financial package takes into consideration your current and future lifestyle and that flexibility in the package is available and that you have protection against unforeseen circumstances.

To provide the above it is important to understand that the most important aspect of business is not profit but cash flow. It does not matter how profitable a business is, if you do not have the cash flow to continue to operate the business you can never realise the profit. If the finance and management are right, the ownership of an investment property should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Having the expertise of Exclusive Property Management Services as your Managing Agent with the added knowledge of Stuart Barker & Associates being readily available means that your investment property needs are thoroughly taken care of.

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