Marketing of Rental Properties

This is the first step of the expansive yet intricate process that is property management. Rental properties that are available for rent are listed on and any enquiry (phone or email) is attended to promptly and inspections are booked with prospective tenants. A Property Manager from our office will always be present at these inspections as we do not allow for keys to be given to interested parties. This method is still practiced by some real estate companies, however, is strongly frowned upon as it runs the risk of vandalism, duplication of keys and public liability injury claims.


To whom it may concern

Ms Rebecca Barker, Principal of Exclusive Property Management Services, has managed two Gold Coast properties on our behalf during the past four years.

Rebecca has always demonstrated a very professional approach and provided an excellant level of service, thereby maximising the return on our investments. Consequently, we are satified with her performance and have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca's property management service to others.

Yours Faithfully

 W.H.L. Burgess

Middle Park QLD