Application for Tenancy

Following a successful inspection of a rental property an application form will be completed by prospective tenants for processing by our office. We verify employment and income, previous rental references, personal references and that the applicant/s are not listed on TICA.

TICA is the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia and is the most widely known database where Agents list tenants who have defaulted at past rental properties.

Once the necessary checks have been completed we contact you, the Landlord to discuss the application and seek your approval. It is extremely important to us that you are comfortable with the tenants who will be residing in your property.

 Tenant Testimonial

To whom it may concern

You guys have been amazing rental managers to me -it is rare to find managerswho are eally fastidious in their work and who look after the tenants, as well as the landlords. I think a lot of rental managers forget that if there weren't tenants, the Landlords wouldn't have an income. (That's what I've gathered through my property management research, anyway!)

Exclusive Property has been completely different to anything I have ever experienced, so thank you.

Yours Sincerely

 Kezia Rohde

Pacific Pines QLD