Rental Collection

A crucial facet of Property Management is to make sure that tenants are paying their rent regularly and failing this, that swift action be taken to prevent any loss to you the Landlord. Unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances can arise from loss of employment or other family circumstances that cause a tenant to fall into arrears.

Our role as Managing Agent is to minimise any financial loss to you. This is done by constant communication with the tenant/s, issuing of the correct notices on the correct day with the correct amount of days to rectify the notice and in some cases, unfortunately, proceeding to QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) in order to terminate the tenancy. All whilst maintaining contact with you, when required. All of the above procedures are handled by our office on your behalf.


To whom it may concern

We have ha dthe pleasure of knowing and dealing with Rebecca Barker and her excellent team, for having had them manage our Gold Coast property for the last 2 yearsAs usually your efficiency and conscientiousness continues to give us much peace of mind when we are so far away. During this time we have always found Rebecca to be extremely pleasant, professional and thorough in providing a quality service. We are also very impressed with the complete service that you give month in and month out. Having to never have to worry about payments, as they always arrive exactly on time, your keeping in touch with us regarding tenants and the personal interest you take in the property.

We would not hesitate to recomend Rebecca and her teamfor their understanding and personalised service that they give.

Yours Faithfully

 Greg & Kerry Denham

Tannum Sands QLD