Monthly Statements

A statement will be forwarded to you monthly via either post or email at your request. This statement details all income and expenses relating to the property and will provide considerable savings in time and money at the end of financial year when these records will be required and can be forwarded directly to your accountant.

We offer the option of being able to pay your council rates, body corporate levies, insurance and any other fixed expenses from our Trust Account. This again simplifying things for your accountant and allowing our office to charge the tenants for water/excessive water usage as soon as the council rates are issued.

After applicable expenses have been deducted from rental funds, your monthly rental funds will be directly deposited into your nominated bank account at the end of the month.


To whom it may concern

Rebecca's handling of financial matters and her business acumen is exemlory and she also has a pragmatic approach to her business, which mkes it a pleasure to work with her on the issues that inevitably arise out of the day to day activities involved with property management.

Her other characteristics include empathy, good communication skills, motivation and a good sense of natural justice. As a consequence, I am piviledged to have hermanage my properties and I look forward to our ongoing business relationship in the future.

Yours sincerely

 Tony Hobbs

 Fraser ACT