Routine Inspections

Regular routine inspections are an integral part of good property management. At Exclusive Property Management Services we conduct routine inspections once every 3 months, this is the maximum amount of times per year that we are allowed to enter as per legislation.

Quarterly inspections are not carried out by all Property Managers and from word of mouth it seems that once every 4 or 6 months is the norm in the industry.

With evolving legislation changes and additions affecting Property Managers and Landlords alike, the basic duties and procedures that are an integral part of Property Management can easily be forgotten or misplaced. Routine property inspections are one of these items and are crucial for the effective management of your investment. It is at these inspections that as Property Managers we check for repairs and maintenance, preventative maintenance, damage, cleanliness and general presentation, bearing in mind that we are not licensed builders, architects, engineers, or pest controllers.


To whom it may concern

Rebecca Barker has been my managing agent for a number of Gold Coast properties, for almost 10years. In that period I Have found her to be totally professional and fully competent. As a result of some disappointing experiences with other agents, prior to her involvement with my properties, I am of the opion that she is perhaps one of the best property managers on the Gold Coast.

She is well respected by her staff and if comments from my own tennants are anything to go by, she also enjoys the respect of the majority of her customers tennants. 

Yours Sincerely

 Tony Hobbs

 Fraser ACT