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Marketing of Rental Properties

This is the first step of the expansive yet intricate process that is property management. Rental properties that are available for rent are listed on and any enquiry (phone or email) is attended to promptly and inspections are booked with prospective tenants. A Property Manager from our office will always be present at these inspections as we do not allow for keys to be given to interested parties. This method is still practiced by some real estate companies, however, is strongly frowned upon as it runs the risk of vandalism, duplication of keys and public liability injury claims.

Application for Tenancy

Following a successful inspection of a rental property an application form will be completed by prospective tenants for processing by our office. We verify employment and income, previous rental references, personal references and that the applicant/s are not listed on TICA.

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General Tenancy Agreement

Upon Landlord approval of a tenancy application the tenants enter into a Form 18a General Tenancy Agreement and are required to pay a rental bond, which is equal to 4 weeks rent (unless the rent exceeds $700 and then a different amount can be stipulated).

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Routine Inspections

Regular routine inspections are an integral part of good property management. At Exclusive Property Management Services we conduct routine inspections once every 3 months, this is the maximum amount of times per year that we are allowed to enter as per legislation.

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Rental Collection

A crucial facet of Property Management is to make sure that tenants are paying their rent regularly and failing this, that swift action be taken to prevent any loss to you the Landlord. Unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances can arise from loss of employment or other family circumstances that cause a tenant to fall into arrears.

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Monthly Statements

A statement will be forwarded to you monthly via either post or email at your request. This statement details all income and expenses relating to the property and will provide considerable savings in time and money at the end of financial year when these records will be required and can be forwarded directly to your accountant.

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Residential Tenancies Authority

The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 requires all bond money to be lodged at the Residential Tenancies Authority within 10 days of payment being received. They also require relevant documentation to be filled out in the correct format and time frame with this service being provided by our office.

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