Application For Residential Tenancy

applicationpicOur office welcomes your Application and any queries you may have about the Property, Tenancy or ?process. The following information and checklist will assist you in completing the Tenancy Application so it can be processed promptly.

Please read prior to completing your Application

  • One application between 2 people
  • Include evidence of your income eg Pay slip or if self employed, a letter of income verification from your Accountant, Centrelink documents.
  • Provide and attach photocopies of documents required to meet 100 points of identification as the guide shows below.
Drivers Licence  40 Points  Other Photo ID 30 Points  Current vehicle registration  10 Points 
 Passport  40 Points  Recent Wage Advice  30 Points  Bank/Credit Card Statement  10 Points
 Birth Certificate  40 Points  Previous Tenancy History?  30 Points  Telephone/Electricity/Gas Acct  10 Points
 18+ Card  30 Points  Previous four rent receipts 20 Points   Pension/Health Care Card  10 Points

  • Our office will contact you within 24?48 business hours. If the Application is approved, within 24 hours of acceptance, the General Tenancy Agreement is to be signed by all approved lease holders and an amount, equal to 2 weeks rent and 4 weeks bond is to be paid by Money Order or Bank Cheque.

Applicant Checklist ?Before I submit this Application, I have ...

  • Attached photocopies of documents to meet 100 or more points of ID.
  • Inspected the Property both internally and externally.
  • Been given a copy of the General Tenancy Agreement, Terms and any Special Terms to read. NB If not, please contact office ASAP.
  • Completed the Application form fully, including the Privacy Disclosure Statement and Privacy Consent.

You can download print out and complete this pdf forms and return to our office

LET18_Tenancy_Application_FormEPMS.pdf (Right click and save)