Tenancy Information Centre Of Australia (TICA)

We are proud to be a member of the Tenancy Information Centre Of Australia, which provides us with the performance history of Tenants.

TICA – Tenancy Information Centre of Australia is a privately owned company, which has been established and is still increasing a database on defaulting tenants. This enables our office to gain information not only from our own locality but also from real estate agents throughout Australia and New Zealand. The system also allows us to list our defaulting tenants. This will decrease the possibilities of them relocating, leaving rent and damage debts behind. I trust that you will appreciate the importance of such a system in the industry, as it is not mandatory to become a member, however we believe that our clients deserve that extra protection.

Property Management Service Guarantee

In consideration of the trust that you have shown our office, we guarantee to provide you with the best possible service in the management of your investment property.

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In Summary

The appointment of a Managing Agent is a simple procedure. The completion of the appropriate PAMD Form enables our offi ce to act on your behalf and provides us with your instructions as to how you wish for your property to be managed. Should your investment property already be managed by another agent, the transfer is no more than signing a letter which we will provide and giving the relevant termination notice. Today, more than ever before, being an investment property owner requires the attention of well trained and disciplined experts who specialise in residential property management.

Exclusive Property Management Services is able to offer personalised service and the attention to detail that can only be provided by a small family business whilst offering the knowledge, efficiency and ‘know how’ supplied by a larger company. We look forward to any queries you may have and your instructions to commence providing you with the professional service that you deserve.